Olive Oil Soap

Olive oil soap is known for its moisturizing properties, often used for face, babies, and sensitive skin.  Olive oil soap can be used for anyone, the long lasting bar is made without sulphates or parabens, and baked using the hot process method.  Some say that it creates a long lasting bar, resulting in an olive oil soap experience that is always fresh, and great for the entire family.  Choose a scent or try or unscented Pure Castile Soap, which has two pounds of olive oil in every batch!

Flat Rate Shipping on Olive Oil Soap!

Buy One or Buy 25 bars for only $6.50 flat rate shipping! Click Here To see the selection of Olive Oil Soap. Note: We also use other oils such as Castor, Coconut, Canola, and Palm.  Some soaps are specific (Acne Detox, Foot, Avocado and Shea) which may contain other ingredients such as exfoliating elements, essential oils, or moisturizers. Contact us for more information on our olive oil soap, we also wholesale, offer private labeling for weddings, parties, etc. 585-360-7911