FAQ – Scented Candle Info, How to Burn Candles and More

Questions and Answers

We frequently get asked the same questions, over and over again.  And although we love to answer them (almost all the time), we feel that we have enough common ones to create this page.  Always feel free to ask questions or comment by contacting us yourself.

  1. Q: How did you get started in this business?
    A: Scott was downsized in the corporate world, I (Don) had been in retail for more years than I wish to share.  After managing a gift store for four years I decided to open our own store.  They say do what you love.  We love and support independent soap and candle companies, so it was a natural decision to open a store that sold them.  Then the fun began with making them.
  2. Q: Why did you move to Canandaigua, and how in the hell do you pronounce that?
    A: We moved from Baltimore, MD.  Upstate New York is a beautiful place to live.  Fun and lake living in the summer, frosty and skiing in the winter.  Once you visit here, you won’t ask this question.  However, we did decide to move up here because of summer traffic, the wineries (more than I can count), history, and the climate.  Yes, we love to see the seasons!
  3. Q: What is soy wax, and why use it?
    A: We use 100% natural soy wax that proves to be a cleaner burn, longer burn, and better for the environment than regular petroleum/ paraffin.  Our scented soy candles are made in small batches also to ensure freshness.  We also use palm wax for our decorative pillar candles.
  4. Q: What is shea butter, and why use it?
    A: Shea butter comes from an African Karite Tree,
    the pits are collected, sun-dried, made into a paste. Clinically proven anti-aging properties, stretch mark prevention, and minimization.  Each of our body lotion with shea butter utilize this, along with the great benefits of olive oil.
  5. Q: Do you use natural stuff?
    A: Almost everything we do is natural, or all natural.  Our natural body wash is now SLS free, made with a natural base of coconut and olive oils as the ingredients for the surfactant, body lotions are made with olive oil, shea butter, soaps again, with olive oil.  Fragrance oils are used, along with essential oils from flower and plant or fruit extracts.  Some items such as preservatives, are used minimally, and are not considered harmful. It is also important to note that we no longer use parabens, formaldehyde, or other harmful agents.
  6. Q: Do you wholesale?
    A: Yes, just click on wholesale scented candles to find out if we are right for you.
  7. Q: I have a favorite scent, I can’t find it!  Can you make it?
    A: Yes, but in quantities.  If you have a special scent that you would like in soy candles or in bath products just call us and we’ll see if we can get it.

Updated: January 21, 2010