Sea Salt has been used for hundreds of years as a skin care agent because of the healthy and rejuvenating benefits that it contains. Applying sea salt externally to the skin is a natural way to heal and exfoliate.  Sea salt is full of great minerals that offer many therapeutic benefits. Many people use sea salt soap to cleanse and detoxify their face and body. The salt draws toxins out of the body and also increases blood circulation.

Our salt bar also packs an extra boost of goodness with the addition of sea clay. Sea clay is packed with minerals which make it great for drawing oils from the skin. Both of these ingredients combined with olive oil make this Sea Kelp and Agave  sea salt and sea clay bar a must have. Your skin will thank you!

***This product is not yet available through our website. If you would like to purchase you can either visit our Wick-edly Sent Soap & Candle Company location at 94 S. Main St Canandaigua, NY or call us at (585) 394-5260 and we would be more than happy to ship directly to your home!***

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Fizzing Bath Salts-Experience the benefits of European Bath Salts with bubbly, fizzing action.  Bath Salts have been used over the years to soothe and relax while bathing and leave your skin soft and smooth all day.  Grapeseed oil also included which conditions your skin.

Instant Manicure-Our Instant Manicure is loaded with European Sea Salts, Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter.  It magically softens cuticles and rough spots around your nails.  Always becomes an instant favorite that you can’t live without!