The Bristol Valley Theater, located in Naples, NY is the central Finger Lakes live professional venue. They are continuing their 2011 summer season with the side stitching performance of Charley’sAunt, which runs from July 21st to July 31st. Charley’s Aunt follows the misadventures of Charley and Jack, two Oxford students who are in love and wish to propose to their lovely ladies. Trouble arrises though with the delay of Charley’s Aunt. Without a proper chaperone, Jack and Charley come up with a plan with the help of their friend, eccentric school chum, Lord Fancourt Babberly, who is enlisted to impersonate the old lady. Naturally, their deception soon spirals out of control with a series of hilarious events. Defiantly a must see!

Wick-edly Sent is always a supporter of the arts and recently donated a door prize to the Bristol Valley Theater specifically for the arrival of the performance of Charley’s Aunt. Keeping with the humor and theme, the gift basket contained an array of British inspired goodies including plum pudding, Harveys Bristol Cream Sherry, a $40 gift certificate to Nolan’s on Canandaigua Lake, and white tea scented bath and body products.

Charlies Aunt Door Prize Provided by Wick-edly Sent