If you don’t already know, Wick-edly Sent Soap and Candle Company gives back to the community through various fund raising efforts.  One organization we care deeply about is Embrace Your Sisters, which helps with immediate funds for women who’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer.  There are several fund raising events in the year for this one, the most recent is Bonfire in the Backyard.  Icon Salon in downtown Canandaigua has worked passionately to get the word out, and a special thanks goes out to Daisie, the owner and her magnificent staff.

Daisie Stanely of Icon Salon and Don Stevens from Wick-edly Sent

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The event is on Friday, July 15th at Steamboat Landing 5:30 p.m. till the wee hours of the night.  There will be food, music and much more going on so if you’re in the neighborhood, please stop by.

Basket donation from Wick-edly Sent

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While you’re there, you can win a gift basket we donated for the cause.  And if you’d like more information on Embrace Your Sisters and discover how you can help visit the website.