Using sustainable materials and supporting organizations that fight to protect our environment are important in the quest for a greener society. Here at Wick-edly Sent we are doing just that with our recent membership and charitable donation to the Natural Resources Defense Council.

The NRDC is the nations most effective non-profit environmental action organization. Their focus is to restore the integrity of Earth’s air, land, and water while also defending our endangered animals and Eco-systems. As an institution they have six main priorities that they focus on. One of these is to curb global warming and create a clean energy future. Renewable power, conservation and clean fuel cells are a few of the solutions that will reduce the impacts on our environment. The goal is to protect nature in ways that advance the long-term welfare of our present and future generations. Donations from their members and proceeds from charitable events is what provides the NRDC with the funding that they greatly need to accomplish these goals.

Here at Wick-edly Sent we are taking additional strides to make our business and products environmentally friendly. We do not test on animals and we use all natural ingredients to create our olive oil soaps, soy candles and bath & body products. All of our gift boxes and bags are also made with recycled materials. Although these “green” practices may seem small, they provide a huge decrease in our foot print, which ultimately contributes to a healthier Earth and all those who inhabit it.Together we can make a difference! For more ways that you can go green, check out this great website!