It’s amazing how many times people search for Mother’s day gifts are perplexed to find that there is no perfect gift.  Usually mothers are sweetened out because they’re getting over Easter, so candies and chocolates may not be the perfect choice for your mamma.  Flowers can be great if you know what she likes and experimenting is not something you want to do with your mother.  She’ll exclaim, “I gave birth to you, and know all about you, you don’t know a thing about me!”

This leads us to jewelry and other fine mother’s day gifts and crafts.  If you can afford it and depending on style, jewelry could make the cut.  However, here at Wick-edly Sent we’ve developed some new mother’s day gift baskets that will surely please your matriarch.  Scents such as Lavender, Lilac, Grapefruit Mimosa, and our favorite, Honeysuckle Jasmine.

mother's day gift baskets

Honeysuckle Jasmine Mother's day gift basket. Free votive if "freevotive" is announced or entered online

Mother’s day gift baskets come wrapped in a beautiful basket that includes olive and shea lotion, olive oil soap, and natural body wash, plus a mesh sponge.  These baskets have been selling extremely well in our store and now for a limited time, they are on sale for only $29.00 (regular price is $35.00).  The products are hand made in our shop, using great natural ingredients–no sulfates or parabens to damage or harm skin.  Mother wouldn’t approve or appreciate that.

In addition, if you can grab a free soy candle votive with the scents of Lavender, Grapefruit Mimosa, and Honeysuckle Jasmine.  Just announce “freevotive” in the store, or enter it online under the coupon section.  We ship nationwide and can expedite shipping if you call us at 585-394-5260

As always, we hope to make your gift giving a breeze.