On Friday, February 4th, Wick-edly Sent Soap and Candle Company received an award for “Retailer of the Year” by the Greater Canandaigua Chamber of Commerce.

Retailer of the Year Award is proudly displayed in our shop.

The Greater Chamber of Commerce is a membership organization with over 800 members in the Canandaigua area, including the Finger Lakes of New York.  Every year the Chamber awards businesses and people who have generously donated time, money, efforts, and who are considered business leaders, not just in the philanthropic aspect, but as pillars of the business world.

Wick-edly Sent was honored by this prestigious award, which stands proudly in the store on South Main Street.  When Alison Grems, president of the Canandaigua Chamber, announce all the achievements and noteworthy causes that Wick-edly Sent has been involved in, I was one many who were in awe.  Having been involved with so many organizations, and being committed to the community, as well as the interest to our customers takes so much time that one can literally forget all the impressions he or she can leave.  Thank God someone was keeping track because I wasn’t.   The award meant so much more than just being recognized, it was sign that small businesses can truly reign and not just survive.  Thinking that awards like these were only given to major corporations, the surprise literally left me speechless.

Not too speechless to thank our wonderful staff, who have been so instrumental to our success.  They listen, more importantly give feedback when important issues or decisions become necessary.  Having people you trust and respect as part of your working family means a great deal.  And our customers new and old, especially some who have been with us right from the beginning in Charm City (Baltimore), we’d like to thank as well.

What does this award mean going forward?  Well, it will be a reminder that what comes can be taken away (not the award, but the respect).  Wick-edly Sent will still have to remain a natural company.  As the president of the Chamber said, “We show no signs of slowing down”.  Our continued effort to keep sulfate free products, and 100% soy scented candles will be still a paramount goal.  Our commitment to our community, and organizations that we feel strongly about will remain strong, remembering that not every town nor cause continues to shine.  For instance, just because a charity is not being endorsed by a celebrity, or one that was in the spotlight ten years ago, doesn’t mean it’s no less important.  We forget what was important to us sometimes and sometimes we forget those who inspire us.  And luckily we forget all our achievements so we are not so proud, which can sometimes make us forget where we came from.  Until an award comes to remind us that what we do does matter.  Pay it forward and remember that what you do does matter, even if you don’t receive a nice shiny plaque or an award, sometimes someone’s smile will do just fine.