It’s occurred to us people like to give our olive oil soap as gifts–for any time.  I know, no one wants to hear about Christmas being not so far away, so I won’t mention it.  Oops, too late.

White Tea Olive Oil Soap

However, our soap makes a great gift for any time of the year.  It is popular with regular occasions that are not national holidays:

  1. Birthdays
  2. Housewarming
  3. Feel Good, Pick Me Up
  4. Sympathy
  5. Guest soap
  6. Get Well
  7. You smell, please use this
  8. Anniversary
  9. Congratulations
  10. New Job, New Baby
  11. Wedding
  12. Divorce
  13. New Flame
  14. Turning Over a New Leaf

I know, number 8 is kind of comical, who gives soap as an anniversary gift–but hey, not everyone can afford diamonds or gold.  So no matter what occasion, natural soap is always a great gift.  It shows you care because you’re giving a hand made product that’s fresh, and good for you.

If you’d like to add to the list, or share what’s your favorite reason, just leave your comment below.