Ah, Austria, rich in history, scenic beauty, and music.   Mozart, Falco, and let’s not forget the Sound of Music.  Recently we’ve discovered an Austrian from Couchsurfing, a site where people literally crash on stranger’s couches.

These people, usually students, writers, artists, are travelling the world, and need to stay just for the night, or a week.  Our friends Bryan and Christin Babcock,  are the brave couple who let their couch become the rotating hostel for couchsurfers have had incredible luck.  In turn, we’ve been fortunate to meet these wonderful souls who are young, eager, incredibly happy, and love America.

The latest intrepid is Clara Meier, who is an accomplished writer from Austria whose travels she keeps in her blog: http://claratouring.wordpress.com

Clara Meier discovers soapmaking.

She goes back to school in September, where she is studying to become a journalist.  While she is here in America, she’s been to Washington DC, New York, Boston, and yes, the thriving metropolis of Canandaigua.

While her hosts are busy working, she is discovering America in unusual ways.  Her latest post talks about gelato, and how American food differs from Austrian food.  She asked if she could help us at the store, and find out how small businesses do business.

Clara is helping today us today, cutting olive oil soap and labeling different lotions.  This week she will be discovering all about crafting soaps, lotions, and candles.  She is fascinated about shea butter, didn’t realize that it came from a tree, and we were surprised how well she can pour without spilling.

We will be sorry to see Clara go, but look forward to when she decides to visit back.  She can definitely stay on our couch then.