You get what you pay for …at Wick-edly Sent you’ll get great scented soy candles that will make any room in your home smell fantastic.   Made with 100% soy wax, cotton paper braided wicks, many with essential oils and for a limited time color has returned!  Color candles can be purchased either in our store or by phone at (888) 467-WICK.

Before you buy at a discount store, remember that candles marked soy aren’t necessarily pure soy.  Many candle makers blend soy and parafin but because they add a larger amount of soy they can claim that they are soy.  Here at Wick-edly Sent we only make 100% soy candles.     Just as important as the wax, the correct wick makes all the difference.   Candles with improper wicks burn unevenly,  leave to much wax on sides of the container or blackens the sides.  Wick-edly Sent uses the proper wick for the container allowing for a perfect burn which produces low or no sooting.

So the next time you’re in the market for a candle, think about what you want.  A proper burning candle or a mass produced candle that does not burn properly.   Look forward to seeing you either in the store or online.