Here we go again, we are faced with what to get as a Valentine’s Day Gift for a boyfriend or husband.  Of course the usual comes to mind, like chocolate or flowers, however, how many guys are out there who love to take a deep whiff of the token romantic buds?  Not many.  And yes, who doesn’t like chocolate, but if that’s what he’s getting you, than you have to be different, but still be thoughtful and have a straight face when you give whatever your choice may be.

A coffee cup with with many red hearts that blur out “I love you” is nice, but let’s face it, will he actually drink with this mug, especially around work, where other men can tease him about it relentlessly?  How about some personal care products that are naturally good for the earth and for him?  At Wick-edly Sent we have great Valentine’s Day gifts for your boyfriend or husband.  And, for your budget conscious buyer, they are many different price points.

Our Men’s Olive Oil Soap Gift Set includes a washcloth, basket, and a hunk of soap (7 oz), your choice of Bay Rum, Vanilla Almond Nutmeg, Sage and Citrus, Wild Man, Oatmeal Milk and Honey, and our classic ocean rain scent, Canandaigua Lake.  Very affordable at $10.

Mens Olive Oil Soap Valentines Day Gift for Boyfriend

Olive Oil Gift Set

Feeling SEXY? How about a Bath of Love Valentines Day Gift? Try two bath bombs, with embedded sweetheart messages, and a great natural massage oil in scents that would even make asphalt melt.  The massage oil has a luscious blend of what we call the three “S”.  Sweet Almond, Sunflower, and Safflower oils.  High in Vitamin E, high in romance, with extra gliding power.  Smart at $12.99

Bath of Love Valentines Day Gift

Bath of Love Valentines Day Gift

Next up is our Love Soap Trio Gift Sets for a Valentines Day gifts for boyfriend.  Three delicious heart shaped soaps in decadent scents such as chocolate, white truffle raspberry, and chocolate sweet orange.  Cute, useful, naturally good for you, and scents that will make him go crazy and hungry for your lovin’.  Must have at $12.99

Love Soap Trio Gift Set

Love Soap Trio Gift Set

We have to have a shave item in here somewhere, don’t we?  Wick-ed Good Shaving Oil has botanical extracts of burdock root, elder flower, lavender, calendula, and cleavers.  Just a dab (dime size) of this spearmint shaving oil and your honey can shave away all that stubble and pesky whiskers that keep you away from his lips.  Not what to do with that bad breath?  Sorry can’t help there.  But there is an after shave lotion with citrus and sage that will keep his skin soft and supple.  A WOW item at $12.99

Shaving oil and after shave lotion.

Shave Oil and Lotion Gift Set

Finally, how can we not have our biggest selling men’s line Wild Man in the mix?  We’ve compiled a Wild Man Gift Set with four hot sellers in the scent that he likes (but you love).  Our great hair and body wash works great as a shampoo and body wash, face and body lotion, after shave and body spray, and exfoliating soap bar with flax seed.  What a steal at $35.

Valentines Day Gift for Boyfriend

Wild Man Gift Set

So choose your Valentines Day gifts wisely.  The choice for boyfriend or husband should be both wise and not as complicated as love can be.  A small investment for someone who is probably racking their brains to come up with a unique gift for you.   Visit our site for more scented candles and more body lotions.