It’s that time again, and there’s never been a bigger and better Black Friday Sale at Wick-edly Sent.  Stop by Friday, November 27th, between the hours 6 am to 9 am for the biggest sale of the year!  Soy candles are buy one and get one free, including new holiday candles such as Pumpkin Spice, Winter Pine, and Cranberry Orange.  There is also 20% off store wide everything else.  There will also be coffee and doughnuts, and no pushing, shoving, or trampling!

Black Friday Sale is only during three hours, anyone coming in after 9 am must buy at regular price.

Civilized shopping still exists, even during the Black Friday Sale, and for those buying online, or who cannot come in person to our store Wick-edly Sent is offering a special online coupon.  Spend $50 or more and receive $25 back if you enter “blackfriday” on the online shopping cart form.  Only purchases during 6 am to 9 am will receive the discount, your online orders during the Black Friday Sale is time stamped.

We hope to see or hear from you during our Black Friday Sale, the busiest holiday shopping day of the year!


Don Stevens
Wick-edly Sent