Does your Father (Husband, or Significant Other) shave with shaving cream? Consider introducing him to the wonders of Wick-edly Sent’s Shaving Oil if you’re looking for a unique Father’s Day Gift, birthday present or “Just because” surprise. We’re sure he’ll thank you for it!

Many men shave with shaving cream, because they don’t know any better. It’s what their fathers did. While shaving cream lathers richly, it’s really just air-filled foam. It does little, if anything to moisturize or protect the skin.  We invite you to introduce your guy to our Mens Shaving Product.

At Wick-edly Sent, we’ve developed a Shaving Oil specially formulated to moisturize as it nourishes with a botanical complex of Burdock, Elder Flower, Lavender, Calendula, and Cleavers. We add Vitamin E – great for the skin – which reduces nicks and cuts. The essential oil of spearmint is added for an invigorating and refreshing scent which offers therapeutic benefits such as:

  • For the Skin – It works on acne and dermatitis, it detoxes, relieves itching, softens and degreases skin, removes blackheads, and cools the skin.
  • For the Head: it relieves headache, mental exhaustion, and nervous stress.

Although each bottle is only 2 oz., it will give up to 400 shaves, making it much more environmentally conscientious than tins of shaving cream.  Wick-edly Sent’s 2 oz. container of Shaving Oil is $15.95, which comes out to a little less than $.04 per shave, so this is not just any Mens shaving product, it’s one that’s good for the body, the earth, and the budget!