If you love walking into a room that has a light, delicate lingering scent in the air, you’ll love Wickedly Sent’s Reed Diffusers.

Reed Diffusers are a decorative and environmentally friendly way to scent and freshen your home, office or dorm room.  We’ve just added a new twist to our diffusers!  Now, you can select both a beautiful glass bottle that will go with your decor, the fragrance that best fits your mood or the mood you want to convey, then simply slip the reeds in the bottle.  As the scent travels up the reeds, the aroma gently wafts throughout the room creating a delightful ambience.

Depending on your personality, you might select something exotic and oriental like Jasmine Waterlily, which is great for the living or bath room, or you may prefer something bold and outdoorsy like Woods ‘n Spice. Looking for something in a more floral bouquet?  Try Lilac or Sunflower Reed Diffusers.  A favorite for the bedroom is Lavender, which many people say helps them to relax and sleep better.

Each of our Reed Diffusers have similar properties to aromatherapy, ensuring you’ll enjoy a warm sense of well-being from using them scattered strategically throughout your home.  For each scent, we have suggested rooms in which we feel they’ll work best, but don’t be afraid to experiment…and please send us your suggestions!

One of the advantages of Reed Diffusers is that you can enjoy the scent for months without having to replace them, and you’ll never have to worry about remembering to blow out a candle when you leave home.

Wickedly Sent’s Reed Diffusers may be purchased online or at our shop located at 94 South Main Street, Canandaigua, NY.