The family is like a garden
with joy for all to share,
With tender, growing blossoms
that thrive on love and care,
And when the flowers are gathered
for a very special day,
They make a bright and beautiful
happiness bouquet.

~Mary Loberg

Taking inspiration from this poem, we’ve created a bouquet of indulgence for your Mother!  This lovely gift set comes with scented Body Lotion, Body Wash, our 4 oz. Soy Scented Candle and a free Body Puff, all carefully tucked into an easy-to-carry clear bag that can be used long after the gifts are gone!

These gift sets come in four delicious floral scents:

  • Vanilla Creme (pictured) – a dreamy, creamy version of the scent used in our popular vanilla soy scented candles
  • Lilac – Another all-time favorite that is May’s Scent of the Month.
  • Honeysuckle and Jasmine – Who can resist this lovely and exotic blend of floral?
  • Lavender – Fresh and delightful, known for curing headaches and relieving stress

Rather than give a bouquet of real flowers, why not give Mom a bouquet of floral indulgence this year?  Our gift sets are available for $29.99, and during the month of May, the Lilac gift set is available for the special price of $22.49.

As with all our products, the items in these gift sets are all natural and made on premises in our store in Canandaigua, N.Y.

From all of us at Wick-edly Sent, we wish you and your Mother

A Happy Mother’s Day!