Lilac, Wick-edly Sent’s Scent of the Month

At last, spring is in the air and the lilacs are about to come into bloom!  Every May, a half million people flood to Rochester, NY for the weeklong Annual Lilac Festival, held this year, May 8 – 17, 2009 in beautiful Highland Park.  This festival has been happening since 1898 when about 3000 people gathered one Sunday in May to stroll through the lilacs in their Sunday best.  Since then, it has grown and become an event people in this region await with anticipation each Spring.  

Highland Park was designed by Frederick Law Olmstead, the landscape architect who designed Central Park in New York City.  Today, the park boasts over 1200 lilac bushes representing 500 varieties of lilacs.  Because of this, Rochester was named “The Lilac Capital of the World.”

If you’ve ever stood in the park when the lilacs are in full bloom, the most delicious scent floats on the breeze.  It is this scent that we’ve captured and chosen for May’s Scent of the Month.

During the entire month of May, you can purchase our lovely Lilac-scented olive-oil soap, all natural lotion, body wash, body spray, hand silk and soy scented candles for 25% off normal retail!  If you love lilacs, you’ll be delighted with our lilac products that will make you feel as if you just picked a bouquet of lilacs fresh from the garden!

And just in time for Mother’s Day, we’ve created the Lilac Gift Set above that contains a 4 oz. Soy Candle, Lilac Body Wash, Body Lotion, and a free body puff which comes in an easy-to-carry zipper bag, all for the special sale price of $22.49.  Your mother will be thrilled!

If you’d like something a little bigger, try out Lilac Gift Basket which comes with a 12 oz. Soy Candle, Lilac Body Wash, Body Lotion, Body Spray, Olive Oil Soap, Hand Silk and a free body puff.  This gift set comes in a basket, and we also offer free gift wrapping for this item.  Our special sale price for this gift basket is $47.13.

Celebrate the month by indulging in Wick-edly Sent’s Lilac products, handmade in our store in beautiful Canandaigua, NY.  Our products are available for purchase in store or online.

Lilac photo courtesy of Carol White Llewellyn.


  1. what do you think the basic differences are between lilac and lavendar?
    thanks so much.

  2. Cheryl,

    Lilac is more of a floral scent, and it not as complex as lavender. I think this is more perfumy than lavender as well. We sell a lot of lilac due to where we are. Rochester NY is only about twenty minutes away, and it is known as the flower city, home of the Lilac festival. However, if they come across lilac that way, they continue to buy it because of the high quality of the lilac fragrance itself. It is no mystery that it remains as one of our top sellers.

    Lavender, on the other hand, is very complex, has so many layers, and is often considered one of the most used aromatherpy scents, promoting relaxation. While still a floral, lavender is more earthly, and can be combined with many other scents. Lavender basil, lavender lemongrass, lavender pine are some of the combos that we’ve done in our store. Lavender Vanilla, is popular for some, but not for us.


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