At Wick-edly Sent, we pride ourselves in the high quality, all natural olive oil soap that we make onsite at our store in Canandaigua, N.Y.

To make our olive oil soap, we combine three different types of oil – palm, coconut and olive oil – to create a product that lathers well, has a solid consistency to last long and provides moisture for the skin.  The olive oil leaves your skin feeling smooth and silky, but with no greasy residue.

After we combine the oils, we bake the mixture which comes out looking a lot like mashed potatoes.  At this point we add a combination of fragrances and/or essential oils to our olive oil soap before we pour it in the mold to harden overnight.

But rather than tell you our whole process, why don’t we demonstrate how we make our fine olive oil soap?  So come along with us now as we share our secrets of making a luxurious, high quality olive oil soap available only from Wick-edly Sent in more than a dozen different fragrances.

Handmade Olive Oil Soap – Wick-edly Sent
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