For most people, the sense of smell is one of the strongest and most impactful catalysts to emotional memory.

We’ve all had the experience of smelling an aroma or scent that transports us back to childhood or a favorite memory…baking cookies…freshly mown grass…a kindergarten room…your first love’s perfume or after shave…. The aroma becomes a trigger, evoking fond memories.

You can use the strength of the sense of smell by wearing a “signature scent” that people associate with you and that becomes part of your personal branding.   By wearing a fragrance (or set of fragrances) on a regular basis, you are “packaging” an image of yourself for the people you meet.  Their impression now includes the olfactory sense, as well as the visual and auditory, making the mental image that much stronger.

Why is that important?

Perfumes and fragrances have long been associated with royalty.  Commoners were not able to afford them.  Today, fragrances and scents are still associated with success.  The subtle perception is that, if you wear fragrance, you must be successful.  By wearing a scent that becomes your signature, you are adding the scent of success to how people perceive you.

Although fragrance can contribute to that perception of success, there are several things to avoid:

~ Avoid combining multiple scented products – Don’t use scented deodorant, add scented hair products and then top it off with a  fragrance.  Not only will that contribute to olfactory confusion, it’s likely to drive away some people.

~ Don’t overdo it – Have you ever smelled someone’s fragrance from across the room?  This is not what you want.  You want a subtle hint of fragrance, not the whole field of flowers.

~ Choose a short list of scents – If you are wearing something different every time someone meets you, you dilute the effect of the scent’s positive branding effects.

~ Make sure the scent reflects you and your personal tastes – If you have difficulting selecting one scent that reflects you, try taking our Aromatherapy Quiz or visit the Aroma Bar in our store to create your own personal signature scent, available in lotion, body wash, body spray, massage oil or essential oil.

Here’s to you and your success!