Is bath time for the kiddies a chore or a fun activity at your house?

If it’s a chore, read on!  Not only do we have some great kids’ bath wash, but we’ve also got some great ideas to turn up the fun on bathing.  Try some of these activities:

  • Let your child choose plastic cups and bowls from the kitchen and play with them in the bath tub.  Kids that are afraid of getting their hair washed feel reassured when they can control the size of the cup used to rinse and they love pouring water from one cup to another!
  • Read a favorite story while your child bathes.  If you’re reading a favorite story while your child is splashing around, it takes his mind off the task of bathing.
  • Does your child have a favorite doll or plastic toy that can bathe with her?  Playing with her doll in the bath may help her verbalize her fears so you can understand why she dislikes bathing and you can also help her “model” good bathing behavior for her doll.  (e.g. “Do you think it’s okay if your dolly stands up in the bath tub?” “Why not?”)
  • Have a “What Floats?” Contest.  Take different waterproof objects (plastic toys, rubber balls, etc.) and have a contest to see whose objects float better.
  • Sing Songs together.  Let traditional songs like “Rubber Ducky” or “Splish Splash I was Taking a Bath” become bathtime regulars or invent your own songs.
  • Use the shampoo to create animal ears and manes.  As you soap your child’s head, create the ears of donkeys or cats, the mane of a horse or the scales of a dragon and have your child immitate the sounds that animal would make.
  • Try Wickedly Sent’s Foaming Kids Bath Wash!  Made from all-natural products, your kids will love the foamy lather and fresh scents, including Octopus Clean (clean, fresh scent), Monkey Clean (Banana Cream scent), Dinosaur Clean (Watermelon scent) and Butterfly Clean (Use your imagination!).  And your kids will come out squeaky clean!

Just use your imagination to turn bathtime drudgery into a “splashin’ good time!”