At Wickedly Sent, we enjoy setting a table that reflects the season.  After this past long winter – at least we’re hoping it’s past – many of our readers will be looking for ideas to brighten their tables and dinner parties.

If you start with a white or pastel colored table cloth, the ideas are endless!  You might:

  • Add a Spring-colored table runner down the center with a bowl of multi-colored fresh-cut Spring flowers in the center.
  • Put a candelabra as the centerpiece, and rather than adding candles, balance brightly-colored Easter eggs where the candles would normally sit.  Add ceramic bunnies to the base for an Easter look.
  • At each place setting, put a mini-vase with a small nosegay of Spring flowers.  Your guests will love the personal touch.
  • Put mirrors in the center with a bowl of fresh-cut flowers and on each of the corners, add one of Wickedly Sent’s Scented Soy Candles. The mirror will reflect the candlelight and add a warm and glowing ambience to the table.
  • Put spring-colored napkins in small cups or baskets and fill with brightly-colored jelly beans at each place setting.  Kids and guests adore this place setting, especially if its mixed with other bright jelly bean colors at the table.
  • Select just one color – yellow, pink, lavender or perhaps blue and choose linens of the same color, then have your flowered centerpiece in hues of the same color. 

Imagine this candle surrounded by hydrangea - how beautiful!

  • Select a favorite figurine, ceramic piece or one of Wickedly Sent’s Decorative Pillar Candles to use as the centerpiece and set it on a mirror on the table.  Surround it with loose, fresh cut flowers.  Imagine the candle above surrounded by hydrangea – how beautiful!

Of course, any of these ideas can be used with lovely silk flowers as well as fresh flowers if you wish to make the look last longer or are concerned that guests might have floral allergies.

However you set the table, make sure the centerpiece is low enough not to interfere with conversation and doesn’t overwhelm the table so there’s no room for food and your favorite china.

Don’t be afraid to use your creativity, mix colors or stick to one color palate.  Whatever you choose, your guests will enjoy the extra added touch you add to your table decor!