Recently, we’ve been spending a lot of time social networking.  Friends, business associates, and relatives are now just a click away with Facebook.  It’s never been so easy to contact someone before.

Questions about Facebook

Why not just pick up the phone to say hi? With time being as short and so much to do, actually picking up the phone and remembering to call someone can be tricky.  Social networking sites, such as Facebook, has to ability to keep you updated with several or hundreds of friends at once.

How does it work? Pretty easy, you sign up with a Facebook account, and start searching for friends, family, or people you know.  You’ll see, just like email did, that contacting takes on a whole new level.  It’s different from instant messaging, comments, writing to someone, gets shown to everyone in your friends list, you can comment on what they’re doing at the moment, or comment on something else.  With Facebook, you can create events and invite friends; you can also use applications, such as Friend finder to find other friends.

Live Feed: You can keep updated on what you’re friends are doing instantaneously, or keep updated on what’s going on.  Your live feed will show you a list of what your network sharing.

What about Privacy? You don’t have to post comments, or on the live feed, and if you want to contact someone independently, you can.  Just private message them and no one will see.

Media: This is where it gets fun.  You can post pictures, video, and links that you want to share so others can see.  Create photo albums of friends or family, videos of your last trip, or a link to a website or blog that’s interesting.

Technology: Now you can use Facebook with your mobile device so you don’t have to be near a computer to use it.  Applications and through the web you can get updates with your mobile phone, Blackberry, or other devices.  Post instantly videos, pictures, or info to share with the world.

Why should businesses use Facebook? Thousands of people are creating new accounts everyday, young and old; the average user profile might surprise you.  A similar service, My Space, is famous with a younger generation, and great for the music scene, however, we find Facebook to be popular with all ages.  Many grandparents are using it to keep updated with their grandchildren; friends use it to find out what’s going on in the community or with each other.  Colleges use it so students can network.  Businesses, like ours, use it to post pictures, videos, and important updates of new products, specials, or business events.

Should I sign up? Absolutely.  Sign up for an account, join our group (link is below), and get notified on Scent of the Month, specials, industry news, new scents for scented candles or other product info, and other stuff Wick-edly Sent is doing.  Events, such as our annual Girls Night Out, will be posted on Facebook, so you can share the invitation.  Plus, you may find others in our network, or create your own network, with members that have the same interests as you.

Many thanks, see you on Facebook!

Don Stevens,
Wick-edly Sent