Do you ever wander up to a perfume or scent counter and become overwhelmed by the choices?  Perhaps you don’t know where to start because once you start smelling scents, you discover it’s too much of a good thing?  Then try taking Wickedly Sent’s Facebook Aroma Quiz to help you narrow your choices. It’s easy, quick and fun!  Discover whether you’re “a naturalist,” “a modern,” or one of our other categories.

Once you take the aroma quiz, you’ll get a list of fragrances most likely to fit your tastes.  Then, you can create your own signature scented product, customized expressly for you.

We offer customization in our:

  • Body Lotions – luxuriously made of olive oil and shea butter, body wash of olive, coconut and other natural oils
  • Body Oils – carefully created of safflower and other natural oils with vitamin E
  • Eau de Parfum – A natural and light silky spray that lingers
  • Body or Room Spray – This favorite is so natural you can use it on yourself or spray it into the air
  • Fragrance Oil – Add a few drops to an oil burner, a simmer pot or even cotton balls to scent your home, your office or your car

After you finish Wickedly Sent’s Facebook Aroma Quiz, you can compare the results to others who have taken the quiz or send it to your friends to enjoy.