November has arrived yet again and here at Wick-edly Sent we have paired the perfect scent for the month. Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and who can go without eating at least one thing that contains cranberries? They are a staple and a tradition in most homes on Thanksgiving. Whether its cranberry sauce, dried cranberries, cranberry cookies…and now you can have it in a candle or bath product. We paired it with orange for a wonderfully uplifting, energizing burst of flavor. It is a great break from the usual scents that go with fall and Thanksgiving, which are usually spicy or nutty. It definitely will tempt any taste buds, so stop in and grab one while you can, for this is a big seller! Grab one for yourself or maybe as a gift for your friends, and get cozy with this months scent Cranberry Orange. Remember every scent of the months gets a 25% discount, so come on down and see us here at Wick-edly Sent.