Wick-edly Sent is keeping up with the changing times and has introduced an even greener way to enjoy your favorite scented candles. Although we have always used Soy wax for our candles and have told you all the benefits of using soy, we have formulated a new 100% soy wax that burns even cleaner than before.

When we say “cleaner burn” we are saying that when the candles are burned they release less toxins for you, and your family to breathe, and also won’t leave behind a blanket of black soot to darken your home that other candles may leave behind. This soy wax is non-toxic and over time it will not harm the environment, making soy candles a “greener” alternative. Also, soy beans are a renewable resource and are grown in the United States which helps us here at Wick-edly Sent support our local community and economy. And with the economy right now, getting more for your money is always at the top of peoples priorities when buying pretty much anything. These soy wax candles burn at a cooler temperature, which in turn creates a 20% – 50% longer burn time – more bang for your buck!

What are other candles made of? Paraffin wax comes from petroleum which is the leftover sludge from making fuel and oil which of course contains toxins. It is very toxic in rare form, and when it is refined, it reduces the toxins to FDA “Safe Levels.” Paraffin in abundance and over time could still pollute the environment and be dangerous to our health. Who wants to take that chance?

So stop on by our store located right on main street in historic Canandaigua N.Y, and check out our new candles which are also in new smooth sided jars. These jars help to make the wax burn more even, cleaner, and there is less wax left to waste.

For more information about Wick-edly Sent, or to inquire about wholesale candles, please contact:

Don Steven/Scott Mackey

Wick-edly Sent

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