Winter is coming, and we all know what it’s like to wrap up in our winter coats or to snuggle up next to a fire in our favorite blankets. We do our best to try to shield ourselves from the bitter winter bite. But, no matter how good you are at layering up, the wintry weather still finds its way to your skin to strip away its natural moisture. A combination of the harsh elements outside, and the dry air indoors has dramatic effects on our skin. This is the time we need to pay extra attention to our skin, and we need to make sure it doesn’t lack the essential moisture it needs. Don’t spend your winter scratching at your elbows, ankles or knees, and don’t hide those cracked, red hands. Wick-edly Sent offers a line of moisturizing products to quiet your skins cries for moisture.

We’ve got you covered from head to toe, and have a few tips to ditch the winter itch. Our Culinary Line of hand wash and hand lotions are perfect and safe for moisturizing your hands every day. Made with canola oil and cocoa butter, it has a lighter feel to it and won’t dry out your hands like most soaps. These come in Lavender Basil and famed Orange and Clove fragrances.  Since all of our products here at Wick-edly Sent are made with no harsh ingredients, unhappy hands will be impossible to find. Keep these near the bathroom or kitchen sink at all times and use when needed as the first step to skin hydration.

Next we have our all over body lotion. This is made with olive oil, and a higher percentage of shea butter than other companies for more powerful moisturizing abilities. Use this right after the shower while your skin is still damp for best results. Your pores will still be open and thirsty, and the lotion seals this moisture in and also seals the harsh elements out. Keep in mind we have a wide variety of scents to choose from, so there will be no winter or olfactory blues this year!

The delicate skin of our hands almost instantly suffers at the onset of winter, and they are the primary indicator that the seasons are changing. Scraping ice off cars, shoveling snow, raking leaves-hands are exposed to the elements more than most parts of the body. When gloves aren’t enough, try our Hand Silks hand lotions made with Vena silk, which has an even more powerful form of moisturizing as it contains hydrolyzed oat flour and rice bran oil. Keep this at your desk, in your purse, or in your car for whenever your hands need a break from the dry cold air. This is put on your hands for a soft, touch ably silky smooth feel. Use this when the stinging cold weather and the dry heat inside has wreaked havoc on your hands and they are in need of a powerful antidote.

And last but not least, we offer our version of an old tradition of body butter. Although its not a new idea, people may forget the benefits of using this powerful moisturizer. These are very potent consisting of shea and cocoa butter.  These are great for dry skin patches, usually the elbows and knees.

With the drop in humidity and cold air, inevitably there is a rise in dry skin and winter itch, but there is no reason to feel uncomfortable in your own skin this season. Stay beautiful and supple by staying hydrated  with our line of natural moisturizers and cleansers.