Here at Wick-edly Sent, not only do we concentrate on making top quality products, we also try to focus on how our products can benefit our customers in a variety of ways. A lot of people may not realize that scents can bring out or bring in feelings and sensations in a person or home that can change a mood instantly. Its the time of year when people are starting to settle down and relax from the hustle and bustle of summer. We have scents here at Wick-edly Sent that when opened, can comfort any soul instantly. When lighting one of our Pumpkin Spice candles you can get surrounded in freshly baked goodness, that can make any mouth water. Our Vanilla Scent is soothing to the nose, and can warm you when the nights get cool and the lights get dim. Maybe shower with our Blue Lavender body wash and soap and start the day with a warm smile. Our Vanilla scent is another perfect example of one that can make anyone feel at home. The Holidays are getting closer, and its the season for sharing memories and moments with those that are close to us. We all know it can be chaotic as well!  When everyone is gathered around light up one of our comforting candles and set the mood just right.