Bob Metcalfe from Channel 8 was in Wick-edly Sent interviewing us about how the store is going green and we thought you all might enjoy the story and the video.

Three years ago, Wick-edly Sent Soap and Candle Company opened its doors on Main Street in Canandaigua. They feature an array of products that includes naturally made, hand poured candles and soaps, along with 100+ different aromatherapy scents. But Wick-edly Sent stands out from the crowd, as they have adopted several ways in which they can do business while still being environmentally friendly.

Don Stevens, co-owner of the company said “When we made a list of the top 16 things that we do to go green, we’ve noticed that there were a lot of things that we did unconsciously that we were doing already.” Co-owners Don Stevens and Scott Mackey agree that it’s all the small things added up that make the big difference. Stevens also says “Using soy, that’s a big thing because were sending it right back to the environment, we’re sending it right back to the customers so for us doing business while being environmentally conscious is a big thing.” On top of using soy as their primary wax, they also offer discounts to customers who bring back their used candle jars to be refilled. All their gift wrapping is done using recycled materials. They even clean the store using either cotton cloths or recycled newspapers.

Jackie Lense of Rochester doesn’t even mind the drive to Canandaigua to shop, she’s loves it! “This product is excellent, you’re getting your money’s worth and it lasts, and I just love it. The scents aren’t overbearing and they stay on you for a long time, so if you want a good product, shop here!” Lense commented.

And while you’re paying for your purchases, say hi to their dogs Madison and Phoebe, because Madison will for sure say hello to you!
Hope to see you in the store or online real soon.