Smelling good is something important to everyone. You wouldn’t go around smelling like you haven’t bathed for a month now, would you? Although I’ve encountered some people who’d make me eat those words. It’s amazing also how so many people are self concious about how they look: prim and proper hair cut, ironed clothes so stiff that you can bounce a quarter, and enought cologne or perfume to drown a duck. These people place looking good and smelling good high in their priority list. However, it’s amazing how many of these people have stinky homes or apartments.

I know, I know, it’s an unfair presumption, and not all of their homes can smell like a candle maker’s home. Our home, in case you wonder, has a mixture of food scents, then a mixture of candles, lotions that the entire family has (different scents of course), and reed diffusers that are in every room. Not to mention the smelly jellies in our the bathroom, or closets, or the nine kinds of soaps because no one likes the same smelling soaps.

Regardless, what I am ranting (or blogging about), is that I have the maximum overdrive of scents, but some homekeepers do not have a single scent in their home. Ziltch, no candles, smelly jellies, or reed diffusers. Unless you are sensitive to smells, pick up a soy candle, and start smelling good. You don’t want an unexpected visitor to find out that your house smells like mold, or what you cooked from yesterday, or dirty laundry that’s been piling up, or the castle of your precious (cat/dog/canary). Be responsible, and remember that if you smell good all the time, your home should too.