Now I know this sounds like a strange title for this entry but this morning I was up early and channel surfing and happen to stop on the Hallmark Channel. The Waltons was on and what a flashback! From what I remember of the Walton’s, there was always some crisis that needed solving and some how it got done in 60 minutes with tears, laughter and a goodnight John Boy! Life has changed, with work, school, soccer practice and dance class life just seems to be rushing at us and we barely have to time breath. Remember to take time and reconnect with your inner self. A great way to do that is with our aromatherapy candles and bath and body. Turn the lights off, light a Relaxing Aromatherapy Candle and unwind to smooth jazz, glass of chardonay and take a vacation from your worries for at least one night. Until we see you either in the store or online, goodnight John Boy.