What there’s to say about May?
Lilac comes to an end of our scent of the month, and we are exhausted but happy at the response we’ve had with this scent. June will be a new surprise, with more in tact. We have in store baskets, scents, and other eye opening favorites in store. We are also open to opinion, comments, and suggestions. Maybe you know of a scent that is simply irresistible, or maybe you’ve had a pleasant experience in our store that you’d like to share.

The summer soon will begin and we will forget about the bad energy in our lives, remember the past, and the promise of a brighter future again. Kids will leave class feeling like they never have before, and most likely, your summer will be filled with games, sporting, and other fun things. We hope that this summer will be a great one. One that will be filled with memories, glorifying moments that can be captured in a candle, lotion, soap, or other fine product. Memories that can be carried with you as a souvenir for you always.