Today we had a customer roll in here asking for our Cedarwood and Lemongrass essential oil shampoo. She is a regular and explained how needs to wash her hair with that shampoo because it really really works! We didn’t have it on the shelf, but we did have the ingredients and the essential oils. I jotted her number down and a few hours later called her. Before the day was through she came back and took her shampoo home. She couldn’t believe the customer service and how we can go that extra mile. Although she is a regular and a happy customer, there are so many other customers out there who haven’t experienced our superior service. It’s fair to note that the same day someone came in for LILAC perfume and we were out. We will be making more next week, and she is happy that we will be making more. Instead of just saying we are out, or sorry tough luck, we will try to do our best and keep everything in stock, and contact you when it’s available. But please remember, the same wonderful scents in candles and/or soap is probably someone else’s too.