Here’s a suggestion on having a lazy day in Canandaigua. Stop in at Blue Dahlia grab a cup of Joe and a muffin or cookie and read the paper. Make sure you say hello to the knitters and when your ready stroll next door to Wick-edly Sent and have a leasurely browse through our shop. The aromabar is a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon or smell our scented soy candles and enjoy a visit with Phoebe who is always willing to wag her tail and give a kiss and Madison is always good for a barking spree. If you are in need of a gift we are always happy to help. Assemble a gift basket with lotions and candles or choose from one of the many premade that are reasonable priced. Before leaving Wick-edly Sent, don’t forget to check out the latest arrivals in Cinderella’s located in the rear of Wick-edly Sent. Enjoy your Sunday and remember life is short, stop and smell the candles!