Sometimes we forget the basic principles of burning our soy scented candles. We have customers who praise our candles and tell us that they burn all the way through, while some tell us that the candles leave a well down the middle or leave black soot.

While some batches may differ due to scents, wicks, temperatures while pouring, and other factors, the only other reason may be not following the basic principles of burning candles.

Here they are:

1. Keep away from drafts. Sometimes we don’t pay attention to where are candles are placed while burning. While they may be visually appealing on the dining room table, on the fireplace, or near the window, feel and see where a draft might be influencing a burn.

2. Trim the wick. Trim the wick 1/4 inch, or what you feel best suited. You’ll see sometimes a mushroom top on the wick before you trim it. This will reduce black smoke and or soot.

3. Leave a candle burning for at least a few hours, we recommend 3-4 hours at a time. When you burn a candle for only an hour or two, you’ll actually see the burning pool point, or memory burn. This expands the longer you burn the candle. So if it only burns for a short time, it will continue with a well, burning down before it reaches the end of the jar.

4. Remember, NEVER burn a candle unattended.

We hope that you follow these basic steps to burn a jar candle properly. This steps should work with any candle, not just ours, and remember, if there is still a problem, it may be due to the batch itself.

If you have any questions, or comments, you can always call us at 585-394-5260, or toll free 1-888-467-9425.